Emerging Creativity

Thursday, August 1st, 2013

It’s finally happened. I am creating my first blog. The inspiration has come from all the other blogs I see and a need to have someplace to share my creations. I started again sewing a couple of years ago over spring break. I wanted to make a simple bag for my knitting supplies.
I had a bag that a friend made from a place mat and I thought, I could do that, add pockets and elastic to hold the needles. First I had to find and then drag out the old sewing machine I bought when I was first married (40 something years ago). So I even had to read the book to remember how to thread it. A trip to Walmart for supplies and I was ready to begin. I had so much fun making that first one, Walmart ran out of beige place mats! I dreamed up lots of different of bags to make. I’m sure that others have done them all before but I just let my imagination (or maybe subconscious) run.


I had so much trouble with that old machine (who knew that you had to use different size needles much less NEW needles?) I figured it was time for a new inexpensive machine and put my husband to work finding one on Amazon. We had seen one at Walmart that looked cool – the Brother SE400. He researched that machine and all looked good so we ordered. We had no idea what the embroidery thingy was but thought it might be cool to have. Once it arrived we realized that we needed more STUFF – like embroidery thread, stuff called stabilizer, different needles and a few other items. So back to Amazon, found a lot of thread at a reasonable price (I know, there are lots of thread “rules”) but we tried to get the most for the money and I’m still using those and have been happy with the results so far.


The supplies arrived and I tried out the embroidery feature – LOVE AT FIRST TRY!! I was hooked.

Everything can be personalized one way or another. We do machine embroidery, vinyl art, some woodworking and glass etching. Together we can personalize anything you want. If I don’t have it in stock I can order it with pretty quick turnaround time. This is a place where we can let our creative side go wild!

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