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me at eoc 90x90I have just retired from a wonderful 22 years in the School world helping others succeed using computer programs. While I loved my school jobs, I am so excited to get to do something else that I love,  helping others find just the right personalized item for themselves or gifts for friends and loved ones.  I started exploring my creative side 3 years ago and my interests have just exploded.  I get excited every day for the opportunity to create something new.

There is nothing that cannot be personalized in some way.  If  it can’t be embroidered, Vinyl, Heat Press Vinyl, or etching can be used to make it special.  All it takes is a little imagination and together we can figure out what and how to do it.

Because my husband and sister have given me so much continued support and share so many great ideas, the name is our initials combined – Jane, Danny and Sue.  Expressions is because there are so many ways to express yourself for just the right personalization.

I can personalize items that you bring or send to me or I can order what you need. Currently I am keeping a small inventory on hand but most things I order ship quickly for a relatively fast turn around.

I am truly looking forward to creating with you to get just the right personalized item for your need

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